Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

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Christmas is one of my favorite holidays to enjoy! I love everything about Christmas! The reason we celebrate the season, trees decorated, lights on houses, sweet treats, and gifts. Wearing Christmas apparel for the whole month of December (oh yes I did)! I love to shop and give. I love to make our traditional Christmas goodies for loved ones!  

This year, I decorated my home a little earlier than usually just so I could enjoy it longer. Even now as I know the New Year is right around the corner I hesitate to put it all away, but come tomorrow or the next day I’m sure I will.

As the New Year approaches I love to reflect on the year I’ve had or survived and look forward to the year to come. Some like to set New Year resolutions, I like to take just a moment to pray, asking God what do you have for me this year.

So here goes,

 “Lord, thank you for the many blessings of the last year. I’m thankful for the people you’ve placed in my life to encourage and support me. Thank you for being my Rock and my Fortress when I needed You. You have lead me on many adventures and I’m always looking forward to what you have ahead of me. This year may I continue to walk forward in the purpose you have planned. I trust in your faithfulness and ask for faith when I lack it to keep trusting you. I know that you have prepared me for such a time as this, I may not know the destination of the road before me, but I do know that You walk with me and guide me with wisdom, steadfastness, and above all love. May I have a heart that’s willing and a mind focused on you. Be glorified in me in all I do. 
In your precious son, Jesus’ name,
Be blessed dear friends as you seek the One who loves you dearly!  

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