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For everything there is a season. Being in my mid thirties means I’ve had the privilege of living through a few seasons in life. I set off to college, got my first teaching job (where I was actively involved for 8 years), stepped out of my comfort zone in leading professional development, moved back to my home town, adjusted my teaching career from middle school to elementary (huge change for 5 years), bought a house, now I’m in a new career and beginning a graduate program.

Seasons come and go in life, sometimes we are prepared and sometimes we figure it out as we go. This last year I began to feel a sense of change in the air. With lots of praying and debating with myself I decided to leave teaching. After 12 years of believing I would always teach, my path began to change and look a little different. 

Most often when I struggle with seasons ending and new ones beginning, I like to know my path before I make that change. That’s not always possible. I find it helps me to talk with friends and family to help me find my way. Lots of praying goes into these decisions and my faith is stretched. As often has happened for me in the past, when I lean on God for help to discern what to do, he simply responds with step out in faith and trust me. If you’ve ever been in my shoes and you’re a planner, you know the struggle is real! 

However, I’ve also seen His faithfulness when I trust him. He provides a way and opens a door. The moments of doubt and indecision can often get me down or overwhelm me. When this happens I listen to lots of praise and worship music, seek godly council, and try very hard to rest in God’s peace. This is exactly what I did. I also fell upon the book Girl, wash your face by Rachel Hollis.This book was the right encouragement at the right time!

I can honestly say, some moments were wrestling with God in the middle of the night. My plea was simply “God make it clear where you want me to be.” And he did. He opened a door (only one, because of course I applied for many) for me to be apart of a local business and help develop a Human Resources Department as well as professional development for leaders within the business.

I’m thrilled to be walking a new path for right now. It’s exciting and scary as heck to be out of my comfort zone! It requires me to keep stepping out in faith. I have constant doubts over my ability to complete the tasks before me, but those doubts often spur me on to learn and grow.  I can’t say every minute of every day I think “yes, this is perfect!” But I can say that all the experiences I’ve had through the many seasons of life have prepared me for what I’m doing now. For now I’m trying something new, still teaching in a different way, and always learning!

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