It’s Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas

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Nothing quite compares to the sparkle of Christmas. I put  a little touch of Christmas Spirit in every room.  Even simple touches like a pillow or 2. This cute pillow came from TJMAXX.

I can now no longer complain about the number of boxes my mom has for Christmas decorations. I have plenty  of boxes packed to the brim. Just look at that mess! Oh it just makes me giddy when I start to unpack everything. 

The greatest challenge I have with decorations is how to place everything. And sometimes I try to fit in decor that I’ve had for years, but doesn’t fit anymore. When that happens I have to go, loved you when I got you but now it’s time to go. And I begin a stash for a future garage sale.

Thank you Target dollar spot for all the amazingly colorful trees! Every time I go in I pick up a few, because really you never can have too many. These are perfect little fillers to add to any arrangement. 

I’ve been looking for an antique looking nativity set for a few years. When I saw this one at Buttercup Market in Bartlesville, I had to have it.  Thankful for small boutiques to have just what I love.

I also found my stockings this year at Target. Can you guess which one is my favorite? Yep it’s the rose gold sparkles with fur on top!

In my dining room I added a tree this year. I have a few touches to include my animals. Those stockings fit perfect on my hutch. 

I love the look of the homemade garland above my hutch. I made this a few years ago. It’s so simple. I took 3 different types of ribbon, you could do a mix of any. And I simply cut them similar sizes and tied them in a knot onto a strand of lights. I found the Merry banner in the dollar section at Target. The red knit balls came from Hobby Lobby. 

Adding a little traditional to the new. I have three little figures like this one from my grandma. As a little girl I loved putting these out with my mom. Once I had my own home my mom gave them to me to have. Every year I get them out I remember the joy my grandma shared with us as Christmas time.

It’s all the little touches that make every space feel like its been touched with Christmas.

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