Bring On The Bling!

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The girl in me has always loved to accessorize any and every outfit! Jewelry is one of my all time favorite ways to accessorize.

In all honestly, I don’t mind admitting to having a little addiction to jewelry.  And come on y’all I named my blog Sweet Lil’ Charms partly because of my charm bracelet!

I am drawn to all jewelry. It doesn’t matter how many watches I have, I always want another one. Earrings, necklaces, bracelets, you name it, I love it! I hate to admit this, but I have like three jewelry boxes and displays for all the pieces I own.

Because of my love, I thought to share a few truths about my jewelry addiction and how I feed the addiction on a budget.

Truth #1: My favorite pieces are the ones that have sentimental value attached. If I were to count my favorites it would come down to only a handful. Each one is special to me. My charm bracelet is my go to almost everyday! Each charms has a special memory or meaning behind it. (If you were wondering, mine happens to be James Avery, but not all my charms are.)

When I travel I love to find jewelry that is unique to the area or a reminder to me of where I got it. A few years ago I traveled with my dad to China, jade is a very popular stone found in the region. I came back with a jade ring, another go to of mine! (If you check out most my pictures you’ll notice my ring and charm bracelet)

This summer I was excited to add a few new pieces from Italy and Greece!


Truth #2: I have very expensive taste, but very little money  to purchase all the pieces I adore. What’s a girl to do, you might ask. I bargain shop. Dillard’s always has 40-65% off sales! So instead of purchasing the Kate Spade earrings I want when I first see them, I wait….and wait. But more times than not they are on sale, or something very similar is.  And I do love when I find something fabulous for a great deal!

 Sales are also a great time to buy name brand watches. But in all honestly I love cheap watches too! Charming Charlie is a great store to find unique watches to go with any outfit! 

A little disclaimer, when I find something I absolutely love and it’s not on sale, I determine if the cost is worth it and if I can afford it. If the answer is yes, then I go for it! For example, I’ve always wanted diamond earrings. I saved and saved, but once I had the money I went shopping! Now they are very small studs, but I wear them everyday in my second holes. I’m getting my moneys worth for sure.

Truth #3: To help feed my addiction,  my new favorite hobby is selling Paparazzi Jewelry! My love of jewelry and being a girl on a budget led me to this amazing company. A friend of my sister was selling Paparazzi jewelry on Facebook Live and I just couldn’t resist the cute pieces. I got hooked, the next thing I knew I was signing up to sell it! I’m so glad I did. The pieces are only $5 plus tax. Yes I said that correct! Crazy to think that such cute pieces are only $5. The owners do an incredible job of keeping up with current trends and designing pieces for anyone.



This week I’m off to All Access, Paparazzi Convention!! I’m so excited to be going and can’t wait to learn more from the experts! Plus I’ll get a little sneak peak of the fall line of jewelry (ekk)!

Charming Tuesdays are when I go live on Facebook, so please follow me on Instagram and my Facebook Page to tune in for when I go live to sell Paparazzi Accessories. 

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