Best Gifts to Buy for a Teacher, From a Former Teacher

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I love teachers!!!

I know all the hard work they do throughout the year, having been there done that with them for so many years. And what better time to love on them than Christmas. Sure Teacher Appreciation Week will happen in May, but trust me on this, Christmas is so special.

So here you go!

Starbucks gift card, I don’t hardly know a teacher who wouldn’t love this.

Sonic cards

Fun pens, seriously. Fine point sharpies, Matte point..

Colorful stickers

Gift cards/gift certificates (Messages and pedicures are always appreciated)

Homemade gifts. One of my all time favorite gifts came from a student who worked on it for a few weeks. It was a plastic cup  covered in red glitter with a cute white and black ribbon!! I adore this. Another time a group of students who were all very crafty, created ornaments for my classroom Christmas tree and got together to give a gift, one of the Harry Potter movies, because they knew I loved it so much.

You really can’t go too wrong with a gift for a teacher. It is the thought that counts! 

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