First Impressions

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 First impressions always leave you with a lasting impression. Your front porch is the place that everyone who comes to your home or drives by sees first. It’s the first impression you leave them. My house has a great little front porch and I love to dress it up for the seasons! I just finished cleaning up the flower beds and planting flowers. After the winter months, I feel a sense of renewal when I get to be outside and get my hands dirty. Literally! I dig in the dirt, pull up weeds, cut back my crepe myrtles and shrubs. Every season I do a few little things to add curb appeal to my porch. In the spring I start off small. The greatest work is cleaning everything up first.

Once that’s all done, then I start planning and purchasing flowers! The key is to go with what you love but also works for you. I love the combination of whites and hot pinks or reds. Both pop out against the green grass. Those are my main colors, then I choose colors to contrast. Like yellow and purple. This year I decided to plant pink begonias and white candytuft in my front bed. On the side bed I only planted multi color Dianthus for now because most of what I have in that bed are annuals. I like to dress up my porch a little at a time! For spring, I start small with a fun floral spring wreath, a few pots and an American Flag.

 Remember to make your porch come to life adding a little color here and there will be a welcoming invitation to any visitor. Happy planting! 

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