Oh Sweet Vacation!

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 Summer time is all about vacation time! I’ve had the joy of traveling to Europe, then the beach in June. Going on vacation is full of fun adventures! Today I want to share a few tips to help with making your vacation to the beach truly fabulous! 
(Don’t worry, I’ll be sharing my adventures in Europe soon!)

First of all, pack the essentials, anything else you can always pick up there! Now what are the essentials, you might ask?

  • Swimsuit and cover up
  • Sunscreen
  • sunglasses and a hat
  • flip flops
  • beach bag
  • beach towel
  • insulated cup
  • snacks
  • 2-3 cute summer dresses
  • shorts
  • 2-4 tops
  • sandles

Bring a book or like me an iPad (e Reader). Laying out on the beach is wonderful, relaxing, and rejuvenating. However, I like to take the time to read! For me relaxing is all about catching up on the books I’ve been wanting to read. What books are on your summer reading list?

My sister and I love to bring fun snacks to eat. We always have a fabulous cup to put our drinks in! We look for one that has a lid and straw but also holds in the cold. Perfect on a sunny day at the beach!

Have a few cute summer dresses to wear to lunch or a fun night out! And don’t forget to walk along the beach at night at least once, it’s so worth it!

Be looking for more tips when you travel coming soon on my blog! Thanks for reading and don’t forget to share with a friend!

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