Fabulous Finds in OKC

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 Looking for a fun place to eat or take great pictures in Oklahoma City? I have two areas I love to visit.
One of my favorite locations to meet up with friends is Midtown. Recently, I was visiting OKC and looking for unique places to shoot some pictures for my blog. I knew Midtown was a place I had gone with friends many times, so I thought I’ll drive around and see if I find anything cool to take pictures at. Oh my goodness! The building, architecture and art in the area is worth the drive! Here are a few of the places I stopped to take a few pictures. This is an old building with graffiti and of course a Thunder sign! This would be a great area to take cool senior pictures, engagement pictures, family pictures or just for fun. They provide a colorful and unique backdrop.

I also stumbled upon this mural of buffalos! If you’re from Oklahoma you know how we love our buffalos! Plus how awesome are the colors and grass blowing in the wind! This mural just so happens to be outside the Bleu Garten, another great place to meet up with friends! This area is full of places to meet up for happy hour or the weekend. A few of my recommendations include McNellie’s Pub, Fassler Hall, Packard’s, and Kaiser’s Diner!

Secondly, another location not far from Midtown is on 9th street. I highly recommend Iguana Grill for great Mexican.

There are a ton of fantastic restaurants! If you’re hungry for a burger or Mexican. How about dessert? Just check out Sara Sara’s cupcakes! It’s the perfect way to end a night!

For pictures, this building right next to the Iguana grill is amazing! Check out all the different angles I got, and this was only on two sides of the building

Even if you’re not looking to take pictures it’s pretty neat to check out!

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