Floral and Stripes, oh my!

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I’m excited to share some of my favorite fashion trends for the season. Last fall I began to see outfits combining stripes and floral. I was so excited!! I love stripes, one might even say I have a little addiction to stripes. When I noticed how fashion blogs and boutiques were showcasing stripes and floral I couldn’t resist. I loved seeing how stripe shirts or dresses were paired with floral cardigans or kimonos. 


I noticed the trend continued through spring and into summer. I saw floral dresses as well as stripe dresses everywhere! Recently I attended Affair of the Heart craft show in Tulsa, no surprise, most of the boutiques were carrying this combo! 
 I love checking out the online boutiques to find out what’s popular. A few of my favorite boutiques are:
  • Eleven Oaks Boutique ( shopelevenoaks.com )
  • The Mint Julep Boutique ( shopthemint.net )
  •  Lush Fashion Lounge (shop.lushfashionlounge.com)
  • The Pink Lily Boutique (pinklily.com)


Most of us have a dress or shirt with stripes, simply pair that with a floral scarf, it’s my favorite way to combine these patterns! 
And one more thing to notice, because this is a popular trend, designers are combining the patterns in their apparel through embroidery as well.
There are so many ways to wear stripes and floral this year! I highly encourage anyone to try out a few of the trends and enjoy the beautiful comments that will come your way!

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