O Christmas Tree

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It’s Christmas, the stockings have been hung with care, the lights are twinkling, and all the trees are set.

Decorating for Christmas can seem whelming and tedious, but I love it! I may or may not have a tree in almost every room. It’s just me so decorating is purely for my enjoyment. Plus when I do a little at a time  it’s not so daunting. 

Right now for decorating I’m loving the vintage look, with my own little twists.  My 2 largest trees are white, with lots of color. The other two, little trees, are rose gold. And guess what, over the last 4 years they’ve all been bought at Walmart. I love a great deal, I’m not apposed to buying more expensive trees, I have found that whether I spend lots of money or not they last about just as long. As for the look, this works for me. So do what you love and don’t worry about what others think!

I love to take what I have, evaluate what I love, and add more! So this year I found this adorable cream fur skirt at TJMAXX . I simply love how it made my tree look softer.

On this tree I decided to go with red, pink, white and turquoise.  Most of the ornaments are the shatterproof ones. They range from Walmart to Hobby Lobby. I must admit I loved a set of turquoise balls and didn’t read the label, so when I got home and one fell out and broke I was completely caught off guard. I’m certain I yelled “but they’re supposed to be shatter proof”. Oh dear! Make sure you always check. 

For the top of the trees I thought I would try out the look with all the spikes sticking out the top of the tree. I’m still not sure I love it but for right now it works. One of the things I love about decorating trees, is that you can add as much or as little as you want but in the end when the lights go on it all sparkles. 

In my dinning room, I put up my older tree (4 years) because half the lights had gone out. I simply added a strand of white and you can hardly tell.  On this tree I decided to go a little more sentimental and add all of  the special ornaments I’ve acquired over the years.  Because of this I have a few more traditional items to fit it all together. See that cute Santa picture, found it at Kirklands

In front of my fireplace I decided to really go for the Vintage look. The rose gold trees from Walmart were perfect. 

The majority of the ornaments came from Hobby Lobby. But a few are special ones from various places, including a few gifts. Check at the link above for this vintage look, however not much is left online.

For this tree I attempted to add something new, fur ribbon. I adore the look it created.  I am also glad I found the blush sparkle ribbon. All I did was cut it in pieces, twist them, and then place them in a spot that needed feeling. It added just a little more sparkle to the tree!

No matter what type of tree you have or how you decorated, have fun, let it reflect you and yours! There never was a Christmas tree I didn’t love! 

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