My Many Adventures Near and Far: Part II

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After our journey to Europe, I came home, unpacked, washed everything and repacked. Two days later my sister, Erinn and I were on our way to Florida. What a great way to unwind and recover from our trip abroad. We had the joy of helping out friends and enjoyed a little time on the beach!


We came home right at the end of June. Had a few days to unpack, get out house in order. We spent a few days seeing friends and visiting the swimming pool.  I had the privilege of attending the Garth Brooks concert in Oklahoma City with my dad! He accompanied me to some fun sites to take a few great pictures!

Then at the end of July, we packed up and left on a jet plane to Vegas. I had a great time getting to attend the Paparazzi All Access convention! I learned so many great tips for fall fashion! Saw amazing new jewelry coming out in October, I can’t wait to share them on Charming Tuesday (my live videos on Facebook).


All in all I would say my summer was packed full of amazing adventures. I might need a summer to recover from them all. Thanks for reading and please share with others!

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