My Many Adventures Near and Far: Part I

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This summer I had the privilege to travel all over the world and country! So here are a few of my favorites from my many adventures!

I have to begin with Chicago, our first stop to Europe in June. This spot right here is a landmark and an icon when you think of Chicago. It was busy and a whirlwind of a day! So glad we took the time to have a long layover to spend a few hours exploring downtown.

On to Italy! One place I’ve always wanted to visit and said maybe someday. After working hard and saving up lots, someday came! If you have the dream to visit, do it!! So worth it! I was able to travel with my sister, dad, and brother!! Each one of us brought special gifts and talents that saved us a time or two. We did Rome, Athens, Florence, and Pompeii all in 10 days!!

It was a fast paced 10 days! We could have stayed for 2 more weeks and still not have gotten to see everything.

After 10 hours on a plane, we finally made it to our destination, Rome, Italy! We were so excited to begin our journey. Once we made it to our hotel (in the city center) we did a little exploring to see a few sites. The best way to get a quick look at the city cites is on the hop on hop off bus. 

We toured a variety of great locations and I could write pages of all the fun we had. But here are a few of my favorite places in Rome!


I could spend all day sharing about our adventures in Italy. We started out each morning early walking the streets or heading to the train station. We ended most days walking the streets and enjoying a little gelato!


When you visit ( yes I said when, because if it’s a dream, make it happen!), read up on blogs with helpful tips and ask people their favorite tips. A few that I am so glad we followed are, walk the streets early in the morning, take your own water bottle (fill it up where you can), eat at the cafes and enjoy the people! And don’t forget to eat as much Italian Gelato as possible! Of course we did!!


After two days in Rome, we headed to Athens for two days. I loved getting to climb to the top of the Acropolis and see all the many ruins! After walking to the top and all around, we ate one of the best meals at God’s Kitchen! Seriously so worth it!!

After Athens, we traveled back to Rome. We stayed in Rome but took day trips to Pompeii and Florence. I’m so glad we took the fast trains to get to these amazing cities! We may have experienced a few scary moments on the public trains (wish I could figure out how to put an emoji here with the scared face).

Everyone told us Pompeii was interesting…we all walked away with mixed emotions that day. It was amazing to see all the art and mosaics like it was thousands of years ago, but at the same time it was hard because it was truly like a burial ground for so many lost lives. 


Florence was fast paced but so amazing!! I could fill this page with pictures of the incredible works of art but the pictures don’t do them justice. So I will simply say, go it’s worth seeing for yourself! I will share this incredible picture of the church in the center of the city. All the rich colors are made out of marble! Wow, so impressive!

While in the city we visited the Uffizi museum. This museum was once the palace to the Medici family. Most of the collection of art housed here was once the private collection of the Medici family. They valued the importance of art and shared that with the rest of Italy. I loved all the history that surrounded us here! 

Our last morning in Rome, my sister captured this picture of me at the Spanish steps. We stayed at an Air B & B the last few days. Early morning were the best times to walk around and snap a few pictures. I’m so blessed to have gotten to experience cities with rich art and history! 

Please share!! Thanks for reading my blog and keep reading to find out more about my summer adventures!

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