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Let’s have a party! Celebrating for any occasion is fun. Decorating for the celebration is fabulous! How do you make a party come to life on a budget? Trust me, I know it’s difficult to create a fantastic looking space on a budget. Here are a few easy tips to help transform your ordinary space into something fabulous! 


One, pick a theme. It can be as simple as choosing 2 colors or as complex as coordinating colors and patterns with a famous quote. Having a theme will bring everything together. By planning ahead you’ll be able to save money and make a fabulous party. Recently I helped plan a surprise party for a friend’s 30th birthday. I knew she was loving the combo of floral and black and white stripes with gold accents. And so my theme was born!


Second, after you’ve decided on a theme, begin collecting decorations. I say collecting, because you should never be afraid to use what you already have. Also anytime I’m out at Target, I check out the $1 section to see if there’s anything I might be able to buy with the intent to decorate. I then begin thinking about how I want to decorate my space. And of course, a Hobby Lobby adventure is in store! Every now and then I pop into Hobby Lobby to check out fun home decor. When I go I always take a moment to look at party decorations. I knew I would be decorating for my friends party months before hand. That gave me time to check out the party section and pick up a few things here and there instead of all at once. (This so helps the girl on a monthly budget like me.)  

Finally, buy fresh flowers! Flowers do wonders for any space. They bring color, fresh fragrance, and elegance. I use fresh flowers for a variety of reasons. Not only are they great to help decorate for a party, but even when I’m inviting guests over to my house I like to purchase fresh flowers to bring cheer, plus it’s easy and cheap to place flowers in a vase. I buy my flowers at Walmart or any grocery store I’m in. It’s cheaper than a flower shop and you can make them look just as good!  And you’re guests will simply “wow” and “ahh”!

Take the time to plan a party right, decorate, then set back and enjoy!

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